A link to the past

I decided to use this blog as my main online portal, so I’ll keep here links to all the work I did during my studies:




  • [2011] Multiplayer meme-themes tetris game: game, sources, slides, report
  • [2011] Real-time determination of the orientation of a Rubik’s Cube, used to control a 3D model: video, report
  • [2010] Sqwarea, massively multiplayer strategy game scalable on Windows Azure cloud: video, slides
  • [2010] Development of an electronic circuits simulator (netlists) in order to simulate a 16-bits microprocessor (harvard structure) that we designed to run a watch: documentation, slides
  • [2010] Creation of a compilator from a portion of OCAML (support of the modules, the “object-oriented” part of this functional metalanguage) towards MIPS assembly language, with a powerful typing: documentation
  • [2010] Implementation of Kruskal algorithm of minimal covering graph, application to the traveling salesman problem: paper, slides
  • [2009 TIPE] Google Pagerank and scalefree networks: report, annex, slides


2012 – CM2, physique: “Créer, transformer et transmettre le mouvement” (la main a la pate)


  • [2013] Google New York: OneToday project selection
  • [2013] ePawn: Conception of games and demo for an interactive board game table: video video video
  • [2012] Telecom Paristech VIA lab: video, report, paper, slides
  • [2011] Technicolor Palo Alto: patent1 patent2
  • [2010] INRIA MINT: Software to design and manipulate curves by plastic multitouch interactions: video, paper, slides


  • [2015-2016]: Google London
  • [2016-]: Google Paris (YouTube)


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