How to plan a trip to Japan

Everytime I go to Japan I find myself struggling because there is so much to do and see. This will act as a collection of useful links/tips/etc that I’ll update when needed for me to reuse and you guys to use if you want.

The essentials:

To find where to stay, think ahead of what your nightlife will be like, there’s no night transportation! Consider sleeping close to the clubs you’re going so you can walk back whenever.


Check japanese movies (for instance)

Check possible concerts:

Vocaloid (list, magical mirai), Kalafina, Yuki Kajiura, Flow, Hitorie, Asian Kung Fu Generation, Funkist, Hana Kana, SID, Hyadain, IOSYS, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, monaca, supercell, egoist, mucc, ryo, jinzun, Bradio, fripSide, Garnidella, JAM project, Lin Tosite Sigure, man with a mission, trustrick, nagaredap, Wagakki band,  Frederic, Kana boonUnison square garden, YOUR SONG IS GOOD, OresamaTECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND. STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION, Eve, Mafumafu, After the rain, Jagmo, go go densha, minichestramusicals tickets, kamiboku, 犬も食わねぇよ, keytalk

Check clubbing: Anievez, twiplaMogra (DJ list)

Check events:

Check temporary cafes: (need to book in advance ???)


animate cafes (several locations), anime plaza, amnibus

the guest, royal hostnicocafeutoftable cafe, shakeys pizza

noitamina cafe, shirokuma cafe

graffart cafe, 46 shokubo,

karaoke no tetsujin, animanga zingaro

oedo onsen, namjatown


Check temporary shops: parco ikebukuro, shibuya marui, shinjuku wald9

Check temporary exhibits: TokyoOtakuModeTOKYO OTAKU CALENDARsource

Food: important, don’t forget to plan. Make a list of what you absolutely want to do. Check in advance where are great lunch deals, especially for quality beef.

Buying services:

Temple stay/shukubo?

Don’t ever do karaoke without sakenomihoudai

Dont forget to place a pick-up order for bookoff 4 days before your trip 🙂


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