[Game] Conversations


so this is a little overdue due to circumstances but I’d like to introduce you all to the first ever videogame that I made! Please have a go and let me know what you thought! Don’t worry, it’s really small. I’m always open to feedback and advice and I’m definitely working on perfecting it.

Since i’m a super cool dude, it’s a standalone html file that you can copy paste and read from anywhere. You’ll find it at:



4 responses to “[Game] Conversations”

  1. I plan to put some time aside to try this. How long do I need?

    1. Not long, I think maybe 30min-1h

      1. I had a go. A cool little game. It didn’t last for that long so wonder if this is a bug. After four questions it just ended on a blinking prompt. Pressing enter didn’t do anything.

        > Hello?
        Is there someone here?
        : What is this?
        > I don’t know… Some sort of communication channel I guess. How did you end up here?
        : I just… stumbled upon this. You?
        > I don’t know. I think I’ve always been here.
        : What are you?
        > That’s odd… do you ever pause and ponder what YOU are? Hmmm Well anyway, I’m going to go ahead and say I am an information processing entity. Just like you!
        : I guess we’re not so different then, you and I…

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