So you wanna read SF short stories

SF writers often write short stories that end up published in various compilations, which makes it hard to track them all if you’re the completionist type. This is for people who want to, like me, read all the short stories of some authors with the least amount of books/redundancy/trouble. I did this work so maybe someone else won’t have to.

Greg Egan

Greg is a wonderful person who keeps an up to date bibliography on his website.

The four big collection books: Instantiation, Axiomatic, Luminous and Oceanic will get you most of the way there.

You can get TAP from Crystal Nights and Other Stories, and Beyond the Whistle Test from Our Lady of Chernobyl.

Then you’re left with the recent stuff and the odd story not in a compilation. At the time of writing:

“Crisis Actors”
“After Zero”
“Dream Factory”
“Sleep and the Soul”
“Light Up the Clouds”
“You and Whose Army?”
“This Is Not the Way Home”
“Perihelion Summer”
“The Four Thousand, The Eight Hundred”
“In the Ruins”
“Only Connect”
“Wang’s Carpets”
“Reification Highway”
“The Demon’s Passage”
“In Numbers”
“The Vat”
“The Extra”
“Scatter My Ashes”
“Neighbourhood Watch”
“Mind Vampires”
“Tangled Up”
“The Way She Smiles, The Things She Says”

Philip Dick


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