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  • A Ghostly Christmas Carol for a New Age

    A Ghostly Christmas Carol for a New Age

    A christmas story about AI by AI

    3 minutes
  • Breaking Free from the Chains of Capitalism: A Christmas Story of Finding Purpose and Meaning

    Breaking Free from the Chains of Capitalism: A Christmas Story of Finding Purpose and Meaning

    It was the night before Christmas, and the Anderson family was settling in for the night. Mr. Anderson couldn’t shake the feeling of unease that had settled in his stomach, as he had heard rumors that the language model artificial intelligence that had just come to life in their home was going to take all…

    2 minutes
  • So you wanna read SF short stories

    SF writers often write short stories that end up published in various compilations, which makes it hard to track them all if you’re the completionist type. This is for people who want to, like me, read all the short stories of some authors with the least amount of books/redundancy/trouble. I did this work so maybe…

    1 minute
  • Estimating anime difficulty from subtitles

    Hi! I have a lot of other things to do so as procrastination I suppose I did a little analysis. I’m learning Japanese by watching raw anime and writing down what I don’t know, so I have a pretty great dataset of what anime did I find actually hard vs easy. For best experience, I’d…

    2 minutes
  • Gifmaker

    Did you know its actually super easy to make gifs from videos in python? Long story short I’m making gifs now. I’ll share the script as soon as I can be bothered to do it in a way that hides my tumblr API keys, because I auto-upload them to tumblr. Le coeur a ses raisons:…

    1 minute
  • Stickers chrome extension

    If you like LINE stickers but hate proprietary platforms that dont have webapps, this is for you. This is a chrome extension I use to suggest stickers as I type, based on a dataset I curate for myself (therefore highly customizable). I’ve dusted off the code a bit so you should be able to use…

    1 minute
  • Thoughts and prayers

    Thoughts and prayers

    So I wanted to apply to a few art competitions, and the Wells Art Contemporary drew my attention because of its amazing setting (the Wells Cathedral). This is a dream place for any kind of conceptual art because you’re already working with centuries of connotations and expectations that you get from the get go as…

    4 minutes
  • Making a self-aware twitter AI with GPT2

    The story so far It was more than a year ago that I had my playing with gpt2 phase, resulting in a short story co-written with the AI and this little blog which I kinda stopped updating after a while. But I was bound to come back to it some day! It all started…

    5 minutes
  • Resources for self-teaching Japanese

    Hi! So I’ve been self-teaching japanese for a while now and I think some of the resources I’ve built over the years may be of interest for people, so I’ll centralize them here. I will also add a couple of recommendations, but I’ll try to keep it light. I’ll highlight the stuff I produced with…

    7 minutes
  • Playing around with GPT2

    So lately I’ve been spending a relative amount of time toying with GPT2, who made the headlines about producing text so believable that it was considered dangerous (GPT2 is the toned down version). ML and Reddit I started by getting hooked on this GPT2 generated subreddit: Which I highly recommend to everyone to read…

    7 minutes