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[Short story] The child who did not know purpose

Note: This story is adapted from the game You Doesn’t Exist (steam link) but I liked it a lot, so it probably deserves its place here. I hope some day to turn it into a picture book.


There once was a child who lived in a house. It was a special child, for it was the Child Who Did Not Know Purpose. Therefore, one day, the child set off on a journey to find out about it.

On the Candy Mountain, the child met the Rabbit Who Does Not Know Still.

– Hello, said the child. How are you?

– Can’t talk, sorry, the rabbit answered. I’m late.

– Late? Late for what? the child asked.

– Anything. I have to go!

– Go where?

– Anywhere. I have things to do.

– What?

– Anything. Life is short, I have plenty to do. 

– Well it doesn’t sound to me like you’re doing something important or meaningful, the child said.

– You wouldn’t understand, you’re too young. You’ll understand when you do things too.

The child decided to leave. “What a strange character. » the child thought.

In the Mushroom Forest, the child met the Owl Who Does Not Know Silence. It never stopped talking, except to catch its breath.

– Hello, child. Whoo… hoo… hoo… are you?

– I’m just a child.

– That sounds like an interesting story, replied the Owl. Tell me more!

– I cannot, said the child. I should be on my way, and there is not much to tell. What about you, who are you?

– I’m the Owl Who Does Not Know Silence, said the owl. I talk.

– What do you talk about?

– Everything.

– That seems vague…

– If you’re not going to tell me things, at least stay and listen to my story. It’s been so long since I last had an audience, I’m tired of talking to myself. Come on, it’ll be a hoot!

– Ok…

– Hoo… hooo… Ok so there was that one time when I was talking to a traveler…

– Are you just going to talk about talking? thechild asked. It doesn’t seem very interesting to me. In fact, it seems like you’re just saying things.

– Okay, the Owl replied, frustrated. Then you say something, if you’re so good at saying things.

The child decided to leave. “What a strange character. » the child thought.

In the colorful plains, the child met the Deer Who Does Not Know Time.

– Hello, said the child. Who are you?

– I’m the Deer Who Does Not Know Time, answered the deer.

– How can you not know what time is? said the child who was surprised. It’s…

– Sorry, said the deer. I don’t know what this means.

– If you don’t know time, how do you go about your day?

– What’s ‘day’ ? asked the deer.

– It’s what happens after the sun rises and before it sets.

– There are many such things, said the deer. A fixed number of these. It does not change, nor does anything else.

– But time passes, the child protested. We all move!

– Not if you look from far enough, answered the deer. From far enough one does not see your motion.

The child was a bit confused.

– I should go now.

– What’s ‘go’? answered the deer.

The child went on his way. “What a strange character. » the child thought.

In the frozen Ice Lands, the child met the Bear Who Does Not Know Itself.

– Hello, said the child. Who are you?

– What is ‘you’? answered the Bear Who Does Not Know Itself.

– It’s what’s just in front of me.

– You mean fur, muscles and fat? asked the Bear.

– No, it’s what’s saying these words.

– You mean vocal cords and lungs? asked the Bear.

– No, I mean what thinks about what they say.

– You mean neurons? asked the Bear.

– No, I mean what results of their activity.

– You mean electrical current? asked the Bear.

– No, I mean what decides what they do.

– You mean a plurality of causalities? asked the Bear.

– No…

The child gave up and went on his way. “What a strange character. » the child thought.

Finally, the child went back home. The child knew very little more than before, despite all that was seen. So the child just went to sleep, and forgot all about it.


Questions about IP

So I like capitalism as much as the next guy, and of course the whole concept of ownership, but I’m not super sure of how it transcribes to immaterial things. So this is me trying to lay out the various aspects of the question, to guide thinking and discussions about it.

So here is the fruits of my hard work:


I thought of it and I drew it so it belongs to me and I can make money out of it I guess. So here is my question:

Does this belong to me?


Does this?


Does this?

Untitled3.pngOr this?


Do I now own the color red?


Someone took the original work and modified it. Who does it belong to?

Untitled - Copy.png

Do I also own this?


How about this:


Do I now own the color red? How about transparency, blur, and other effects? Do I now own the color white that my drawing tends towards?

Untitled - Copy (2).png

How about if I add a stroke?

Untitled - Copy (3).png

And one more, and one more, and remove one here, and one more, and one more, until it becomes this:


Does it still belong to me?


Now I have a problem. There is a kid in an elementary school in Netherlands. I’ve never seen him or talked to him but he drew the exact same thing:


So what belongs to whom now? I guess if he copied me the answer is simpler, but what if he randomly happened to come to the same production than I did, without any kind of concentration or connection?


Also what exactly belongs to me? If I had drawn this onto a piece of paper, I could say it’s the paper. But this is a virtual image, a .png. It’s encoded in my machine. So do I own the binary code? Do I still own it if I save it as .jpg, even though the content is completely different? Do I own it in any encoding?

What about this new encoding I just made up, where the encoding for that image happens to be the exact text of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Who owns that then?

What if the encoding I’m using produces code that happens to encode a completely different image belonging to someone else in another encoding. Who owns that?

By the way, there are normal numbers (Pi may be one of them) which contain every possible succession of digits in their writing, including the encoding for my picture. Does that mean that I now own a piece of them all? Do I own a piece of Pi ?

Also, now that you have seen that picture, I regret to inform you that it made its way to your brain through visual signals processed. It’s encoded in your memories by neuronal pathways. So does it mean I own a piece of your brain? Do I own the memory of it? Are you outlawed because your brain contains as a memory a copy of a copyrighted material?

A friend of mine once read all the terms of services for Warner Bros movies, he was looking into their legal streaming services options. He told me that according to them, you were not really allowed to remember the movie, let alone discuss it. Makes you think, doesn’t it?



People I follow

As the year ends, I’m going over my list of people I admire and see if I missed anything they produced. I used to use tumblr for this, but as the list grows quite big, I think I’ll keep it here with my other « serious content ». This is mainly for me but maybe it can help you ^^

Japanese animation









Western animation


« TV »











Music composers







Music bands


You Doesn’t Exist on Steam


Just an update to say that i published You Doesn’t Exist on Steam:

where it got waaaay more attention than I ever dreamed it would XD People obviously found a lot of bugs in rpgboss, but it looks like some of them enjoyed what I was trying to do, so that’s super cool :))

I’ll try to address as much bugs as I can and to be responsive to comments and criticism 🙂



You Doesn’t Exist – update


The version I uploaded previously had a few bugs that I corrected thanks to some great feedbacks. It prevented notably access to my favorite part of the game =s So here is a fixed version, with extra content for the ending:

For those of you who tried the first version, you can easily transfer save by copy-pasting the files gamedata/save00000*.json from the previous version to this one.

Apologies and please enjoy the game!!!

[Short story] Last words echoing through history


As one rises to fame and glory, one is bound to attract jealousy and envy. The light in some grows shadows in others…


The morning had been painful. His wife had woken up in fury, yelling about nightmares and dark omens haunting her sleeping night. That happened more and more as of late. Women were clearly too soft and sensitive for this kind of pressure. Something would have to be done.


And the brighter you shine, the more resentment you inspire. To climb up, you have to step on some things. To succeed, you have to make sacrifices, and a few enemies…


He tried to appease her torments and bring her to reason, but talking did not appease her. It was the second time this week. It was starting to get irritating. He had to get out of the house, this was the last meeting before his departure, a lot of affairs needed his attention. Since there was no calming her, he conceded to consult the omens.


So it makes sense, if you’ve build something grander than anything else before, to also attract more thunder than ever before. Leading a nation is an impressive thing, but bringing it to the level of gods is a whole other…


Of course, as luck would have it, omens were bad, or unreadable. There were talks of bad spirits and evil intents. But he would be damned if he let superstitious nonsense rule his life. He got everything he had thanks to his courage and his wits. As his right hand man noted, that’s all the omens he needed.


At the beginning, the country was not much. A bunch of disorganized territories just lying around the sea. It may have been impressive compared to what it was in the past, but it was nothing compared to where vision and leadership could bring it…


There had been rumors of plots, of course there had. There always were. But these were just idle gossip. He would not let them affect him like it had his wife. He had humored their annoying concern long enough, there was work to be done. He disregarded the warnings, and with an iron determination, started walking swiftly on the white marble.


That’s why he had to take matter into his own hands. Nobody else could do it. The early death of his father had thrown him onto the political scene. As the ambitious young head of a strong family, he rose to power at an impressive pace. He made good progress on the path of priesthood before it was denied to him…


This was just one of these days when things did not go your way. People nagging him, getting in his path. He hurried across the gardens. Duty awaited, the politicians were gathered and already waiting for him. When he opened the gates of the senate, everything seemed as usual…


But this setback was only a gateway to bigger things. It was the start of his military career. He started to make a name for himself with his achievements. He was first elected military tribune, then quaestor. There was no stopping his political successes. But nowhere did he excel as impressively as the battlefields. His ecstatic soldiers would shower him with praise…


Tillius Cimber reached out to lay a hand on his toga. The insolence! Sure, it was well meant, a sign of prosternation in apology, but he was having none of that. He dismissed it with a hiss and turned towards the assembly. That’s when the senators started to move.


He soon earned the honorary title of imperator. The fame from his spotless military victories brought him to a long awaited consulship. He was finally in a position to take matters to a new level, to aim higher than anyone else dared to conceive. He turned the wrath of his mighty legion towards Gaul. It was a fierce campaign, but it seemed like nothing could stand in the way of his ambition and strategical genius…


There was nothing he could do. Surrounded on all side, at the mercy of the crowd. They were pushing him around like a vulgar bundle of straw. Him! The one who lead Rome to a glory never before imagined. Them! His trusted fellows and advisors.


So Gaul fell, and other followed. But his travels and battles did not sever him from the political scene in the capital, thanks to a powerful network of influential advisors. He was simultaneously leading the country on the inside, and pushing its boundaries further than conceivable. Nothing would not bend to his iron strength. The clamor of his victories in Egypt, Pharnaces or Hispania resonated within all of Europe, and brought Rome tremendous glory…


Thus ended the greatest empire ever achieved by man. In the midst of its grandeur, right before yet another accomplishment. The disbelief that they would turn against Rome’s glory rendered him speechless. He did not even yell from the pain of his many wounds. His face was frozen in shock.


Faced with such an incredible success, what could the Senate do but bestow upon him honors after honors? But none seemed enough to satiate his thirst. He would not rest as long as the shine of Rome was tainted by its internal disorganisation. To counter the chaos and mess that the republic had become, the only option was a strong leadership. He proposed to become dictator of a better organized empire. Not only did they allow it, they supported it. They welcomed it. They acclaimed it…


And in the sea of familiar faces, he saw the most familiar of all. Somehow his blow occulted all the other ones and chilled him to the bottom of his soul. His most trusted lieutenant, his close friend and protege… He barely managed to exhale the words ‘Et tu?’ before his body fell lifeless in a puddle of hot blood. As his eyes closed, his vision was engulfed in a sea of light.


As the light faded, so did the consciousness and the memories. It was amazing how it all came back so swiftly to the previously saved configuration. Jack reached down his neck, took out the electrodes, and stepped away from the virtual reality machine. “How did I do?” he asked his friends who were watching over his shoulder. “Overconfident, but not too shabby” was the reply. The final score was still being computed. On the screens were blinking the words “aftermath simulation in progress”…

[Game] Conversations


so this is a little overdue due to circumstances but I’d like to introduce you all to the first ever videogame that I made! Please have a go and let me know what you thought! Don’t worry, it’s really small. I’m always open to feedback and advice and I’m definitely working on perfecting it.

Since i’m a super cool dude, it’s a standalone html file that you can copy paste and read from anywhere. You’ll find it at:


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