Hi there! ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

My name is Yoann, I go by “yo252yo“.

I do all kind of things at the junction of contemporary art, philosophy, research, technology and pop culture.

I’m focused on writing, in the most general sense that meaning and semantics are my clay. From text to transmedia experiences, I try to push the boundaries of the format I use and to make unique things that I want to see in the world but nobody else will make them.

I tend to gravitate around themes like the mind and the self in the broadest sense, be them artificial or biological (from philosophy to psychology but also posthumanism, ux and game design) and their agency in the midst of complex systems.

Please do get in touch to discuss any of this! I need more debate partners XD

  • Short stories

    Short stories

    Byte sized food for thoughts – this anthology of short stories explore novel perpsectives and weird formats at the intersection of technology, psychology and philosophy. Get ready to challenge your own nature. Think “Black Mirror” in text.

  • Games


    I wandered into game design to play with both with the interactivity and the expectations surrounding the medium.

  • Picture books

    Picture books

    I write poetic picture books to get to the core of complex philosophical questions.

  • Essays


    I like to draw parallels between pop culture and philosophy to open up new perspectives.

But also…

the NotDailyPodcast, a podcast with a friend of mine mixing cognitive science and philosophy with pop culture, tech and science to craft unanswerable questions.

Tools/tips to make your life better or to learn japanese. Everything ends up on my github.

Tumblr blogs where I keep machine learning generation experiments or idea box for the future.

Recent posts

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    Why I sometimes watch nostalgia lets play

    I dont know much about media theory, linguistics or semiotics, but I find it interesting to think about the many layers of indirection in sensemaking and communication. Its a wonder we can be understood at all, really. In fact as day go by I’m increasingly more puzzled by how is it that people don’t live… Read more

  • How Almost Any Scammer Can Use ChatGPT to Boost Malicious Performance and Productivity

    How Almost Any Scammer Can Use ChatGPT to Boost Malicious Performance and Productivity

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  • The signification of black boxing

    The signification of black boxing

    It’s unusual to start up a game and be immediately greeted by the stern face of Jacques Lacan. If you’re anything like me, which admittedly is a pretty niche market, it tells you that you’re in for a treat.Although it is impossible to live up to the expectations that such a start poses, The Signifier… Read more

Oh and also there’s my CV I guess.