Beyond good games

Contrary to what the last articles may make you believe, this is not only a goofy philosophical essay blog. It’s supposed to gather stuff that are interesting and outside the box (I guess ?). Anyway the number of highly interesting little known videogames that I’ve been amazed by is way too high for me not to keep some kind of record and promote them to people, so here we go. This is a summary of the games that have blown my mind by pushing the limits of what I thought was possible either by proposing a conceptual experience different from what I had seen before (meta/psychological/dorky stuff). It’s not a “best game” list, not an exhaustive list, just some recommendations that popped into my mind.

I’ll update this list as I find/remember  new games, and I’ll keep descriptions short because most of these games are really an experience to be lived. Oh also imma put the estimated play time because I’m that kind of guy, and kinda somewhat organize it by decreasing “importance” to my eyes:

  • The Talos Principle (~15h, not free): my bible ❤ I’d say it
    stands as a perfect synthesis of human cu
    lture so far. Portal-like puzzle game with a heavy dose of philosophy and mythology.


  • Save The Date (~1h) : at first sight, this seems like a stupid dating simulation. But you quickly realize that your date with your girlfriend will end badly, and that’s when it starts to become a mindblowing experience questioning the medium. Probably my all time favorite. Meaning go play it right now.
  • Velocityraptor (~2h? mb) : a game centered around the ability of your character to approach light speed, offering you an accurate representation of the effects of relativity. Really really cool.

  • Portal (~5h, not free): do I even need to introduce this puzzle game based on a weird atmosphere and a teleportation mechanism ?

  • Stanley Parable (10h ? god idk, not free) : huh idk is it even possible to describe it ? Kinda meta/psychological experiment on the genre ?

  • Antichamber (6h, not free) : cool puzzle game in non euclidean geometry.

  • Loved
    (~30min, free) : A cute platformer with a heavy portal-like psychological element to it. I love to see people playing and reacting to it.

  • Thanks for playing (~10min, free) : little platformer game where the chronology is reversed.

  • Off (6h mb idk, free) : a kind of weirdass burton-style RPG with a little bit of cool meta elements and a huge fandom.

  • The beginner’s guide (2h, not free) :  by the author of The Stanley Parable, a great experimental narration diving into game design, psychology, sociology…


  • Undertale (6h, not free) : all the hype of fall 2015 ^.^ a really cool rpg with inovative gameplay and some interesting meta elements from the homestuck Tobyfox ^^


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